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  • I am setting up my business as a Limited Company. Will I be on PAYE? – As a director of a limited company, you are both an employer and an employee. As a result your salary will be taxed on a PAYE basis and your company will also have to pay National Insurance Employers Contribution. For information on all tax and national insurance issues – www.hmrc.gov.uk
  • How can I check if someone has a valid work permit before employing them? If in doubt, you can check with the UK Border Agency - www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk
  • What are the national minimum wage rates? The latest rates are published at www.direct.gov.uk
  • Where can I find out about holiday entitlement? What about Maternity leave? Current entitlements can be found at www.direct.gov.uk
  • How do I calculate sick pay? You can download a help book from HMRC at www.hmrc.gov.uk/helpsheets/e.14.pdf
  • How do I prepare an employment contract? There are a range of helpful templates including an employment contract on the Business Link website. www.businesslink.gov.uk then click on the employment and skills link.
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